Is the UV-resistant feature in a Funko pop protector truly worth it?

At PF, we exclusively provide this option in our PF Pro series line, and we'd like to clarify our choice.

To assess UV resistance, we conducted a incredibly basic test. We shielded one Funko Pop with our protector(0.5mm) lacking UV resistance and another with a UV-resistant competitor's protector. After exposing them to direct sunlight for just under two months, here are our results:




The test showed that even protectors with UV resistance can get discolored by sunlight. Here's why only our Pro series will come with a 98%+ UV resistant coating right now:

1. Protectors claiming UV protection don't block all UV rays. Funko Pops can still fade, and even high-end UV-resistant plastics only manage around 98% protection—other protectors offer less.

2. Most collectors don't put their Pops in constant UV danger. Unless your Pops are practically sunbathing, they're not likely to fade much.

3. Adding UV resistance bumps up the protector cost by 33-50%, making it pricier for you. We're all about keeping prices friendly.

4. Instead of pricey UV protectors, you can grab UV-blocking window film or LED bulbs once, and they'll do a better job without breaking the bank.

We recognize and value the diverse methods, habits, and ideologies collectors employ to safeguard their treasures. This brief case study aims to shed light on why we've chosen to incorporate UV protection exclusively in the PF Pro series line.